An intensive week focused on singing, with 4 exceptional coaches.

JULY, 15th-20th, 2019
Art Voice Academy
Via Delle Mimose 6 - 31033 Castelfranco Veneto (TV) Italy


An intensive week, focused on singing: since the first day you will be able to identify your strengths and the aspects you have to work on.

The coaches will listen to you singing on the first day and they will arrange for you a custom path, to work intensely during the week in order to enhance your performance and artistry in general.




M° Diego Basso


M° Marco Falagiani


Vocal Coach Giuseppe Lopizzo


M° Francesco Sartori




Here's the daily program of the activities!
You will perform your song (both original or cover songs are fine) in front of the coaches, who will give you their detailed feedback, identifying a customized path for your week with us, underlinging your strength and the aspects you have to work on.
Vocal technique group class and individual work on the songs with Giuseppe Lopizzo.
Discussion with Maestro Diego Basso about the performances of the first day.
Session with composer and producer Marco Falagiani.
Time at your disposal in our rooms for your personal exercise.
Vocal technique group class and individual work on the songs with Giuseppe Lopizzo.
Workshop with Maestro Diego Basso..
Session with composer Francesco Sartori.
Vocal technique group class and individual work on the songs with Giuseppe Lopizzo
Singing workshop: the singer's need. Warm up, cool down, performance management, exercises, how to study a song and more...
Time at your disposal in our rooms for your personal exercise.
Vocal warm up.
Revision of the individual songs.
Rehearsals in the Art Voice Academy Theatre with the coaches.
Workshop with the coaches together. A discussion about the rehearsals, comparing the first day performance, tips and q&a sessions.
Vocal warm up.
Time at your disposal in our rooms for your personal exercise. The 4 coaches will be available for tips and explanations you may need.
Public performance at the Art Voice Academy Theatre.

"Fly me to the moon"

Orchestra Ritmico Sinfonica Italiana Diego Basso Direttore

Participants will have the opportunity
to attend "Fly me to the moon" rehearsals and concert

We can accept only 15 participants!.

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4 professionals of the music industry to go through the many aspects to care about your artistry: vocal coaching, musical direction, artistic production, stage presence, interpretation and much more.

Always at work with great music stars, for this week they'll focus their attention on you and your art.

Maestro Diego Basso

Maestro Diego Basso has been leading important music projects at the major Italian and international theaters and for the most important TV channels. His genre goes from opera, to pop, to symphonic rock and sountracks; his goal, beyond music classification, is to eliminate barriers and free emotions. He recently took part to the second edition of Sanremo Young, as the music director and orchestra conductor. He conducted Opera on Ice in Marostica (Piazza degli Scacchi) where artistic skating champions danced on the most famous arias; for this occasion he conducted the Italian Rhythmic-Symphoonic Orchestra (100 musicians), the Open House Choir and the soloists of the Pavarotti Foundation. He conducted the orchestra and arranged all the songs sang by the most famous international artists who took part to the TV show Music (Canale 5) and Viva Mogol (Rai1). He was the conductor of the European tour “Notte Magica” of Il Volo, plus several concerts with them in Italy and North America.
Since 2006 he is the only arranger and conductor of the Italian Rhythmic Symnphonic Orchestra. He conducted several Italian and international orchestras and he collaborates with artists from all over the world, performing on extraordinary stages, like the Arena of Verona, the Royal Albert Hall in London or the Barclays Center in New York.
He founded Art Voice Academy in 2003, a center of higher education for performing arts, that has become an important benchmark in Italy, for those who want to develop and strengthen their music and singing talent. It is a place where attidute, passion, the wish for expression and commitment go together with the pleasure of learning and stay together.

"Music creates connections and unify unverses. Through education, training, the transmission of knowledge, that must be cultivated and taken care of, we can be open to new experiences and make our voice be heard."
Diego Basso

Maestro Marco Falagiani

Marco Falagiani (Florence, August, 7th 1956) is one of the most famous Italian composer, author, arranger and artistic producer.
During his career he wrote national and international hits. Together with Giancarlo Bigazzi he composed the soundtrack of the movie Mediterraneo, getting a nomination at the "David di Donatello" prize. In 1992 the movie won the Oscar as best foreing film.
His most famous hits: “Non Amarmi” (first place at the Festival of Sanremo 1992); its spanish version "No Me Ames" sang by Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony sold 8.000.000 copies. "Gli uomini non cambiano", 2nd place at the Festival of Sanrmo in 1992; "Passerà", first place at the Festival of Sanremo in 1994; in 2004 this song was included in the album Il Divo, by the group Il Divo, and sold 3.000.000 copies.

"I've always thought that the most important mission for an artist is not only to create a work of art, but also their ability to make their knoledge available for the new generations."
Marco Falagiani

Vocal Coach Giuseppe Lopizzo

Singer and vocal coach, thanks to his intense activity both nationally and internationally, he has a recognized ability to identify the causes of specific vocal difficulties and propose quick and effective ways to solve them.
His wide artistic experience enables him to deeply understand the singer's need. Beside taking part as a backing vocalist in the most important tv shows, he had a high level vocal trainging. After studying in Italy, his professional vocal development brought him to USA, where he studied with one of world's most famous vocal coaches Brett Manning, becoming his only Italian associate (and the first one in Europe) and then with Maestro Ron Anderson (the vocal coach of the biggest music stars of the world).
He has a very practical approach, on the solid foundation of the “instrument's knowledge”, that enables him to find the most appropriate way to solve the singer's problem.
He teaches in his studio in Padua, to both Italian and international students; he has been teaching at the Artistic Vocology master of the University of Bologna for 5 years, directed by Prof. Fussi; and since 2018 he collaborates with Maestro Diego Basso.
He held seminars in Italy, Slovenia, Switerland and Usa.

"The real treasure that we all have is our unique and personal sound. As I like to say often “the world loves the original”; the goal of this course is also to help you find this unicity."
Giuseppe Lopizzo

Maestro Francesco Sartori

Francesco Sartori is the hier to a heritage left to Italy by the IXX century “romanza” tradition. He composed many of them, combining the opera style with the pop influences that profoundly marked music in the last 50 years.
Keyboard and trumpet player, the venetian composer spent the years 70s and 80s searching for a different expression, with an Italian soul, but open towards the future.
With this attitude, of an innovator, an explorer, he gave birth to “Con te partirò”, “Aria”, “Canto della Terra”, songs that sold dozens of millions of copies in the world, when cds still existed. And with this same attitute, in 2018, Andrea Bocelli's collection “Sì”, also thanks to the songs composed by Sartori, conquered the first place in the American and British top charts, a goal that was considered impossible for an Italian composer.

"Since we were young, playing was our way of “discovering” the world to enter into communication with others. Meeting my first “music adventures” pals gave me the chance to devolep a personal creative path; learning to express it made me understand that everything was guided by the need of finding fellowship with the others. For this reasons I think that Music is mainly a discovery that manifests itself everytime you can create and listen to it. It is, for me, a “fellowship gift” going from one person to another with the vitality of a Love feast"
Francesco Sartori

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July, 15th-20th, 2019
6 days entirely devoted to singing


At Art Voice Academy in Castelfranco Veneto.
Castelfranco is just a few kilometres from Padua, Treviso and Vicenza.
Easy to reach by train or plane (Venice or Treviso airport).


Singers and singer-songwriters, professional and amateur (from 14 years)..
Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult (parent/ guardian).
You can choose both original and cover songs to work on during the workshop.
Classes will be held in italian language, with english translation

Participation fees

The fee includes:
- days of training
- use of Art Voice Academy's rooms for personal study
- ticket for to the "Fly me to the moon" concert and possibility to attend pre-concert rehearsals
- final show with our live band

During the camp it is possible to have lunch at Art Voice Academy (15€ per person).

Side activities

For those who wish to discover the area, there are several side activities.
We can arrange guided visits to:
- Venice and La Fenice theater
- Verona and the Arena
- Padua - Treviso


There are two partner hotels close to the Academy:

Hotel Fior
Half board and use of the swimming pool 70€.
The hotel is at a 10 minute walk distance from Art Voice Academy.

Palazzon gradenigo a Riese Pio X
Half Board 45€
The hotel is at a 10 minute ride from Art Voice Academy

Villa Palma a Mussolente
Half Board 70€
The hotel is at a 20 minute ride from Art Voice Academy

Art Voice Academy is a center of excellence for advanced training founded in 2003 in Castelfranco Veneto (Treviso) by a project of Maestro Diego Basso and has become today an Italian and international benchmark for pop-jazz music and musical theater.

A welcoming, creative and dynamic place to spread and promote the culture of singing and music, to support young people or future artists, providing not only a high level education, thanks to qualified teachers and articulate training programs, but also effectively accompanying them into the professional world.

Every year our Academy welcomes in his classrooms children, young people and adults who share a common passion for music.

Artistic Director: Diego Basso

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